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PrTMS® Patient Testimonials

Kyle H.

Dr. Murphy, Dr. D and all the wonderful ladies at Mindset changed and saved my life. These people are the real deal and the technology they utilize is amazing. Depression, GONE. Anxiety, GONE. I’ve never been happier and never slept better! THANK YOU MINDSET


Brad W. 

Highly recommended! I normally don’t take the time to post reviews but this is different. I saw results after initial visit. Sleeping better. More energy. More productive. Friends, family and business contacts have commented about the difference. Not sure what more to say. Wish I would have had this treatment years ago. I honestly feel continued improvement - mentally and emotionally each day. I’m a fan absolutely!

Kevin S.

I strongly recommend this treatment. I have been working in mental health for about 30 years and have had ADHD symptoms all of my life. Most treatments for this revolve around medications, and the ADHD meds are basically amphetamines. I was very encouraged to learn about prTMS and that ADHD can be treated via this method. I was fascinated by the science, and really blown away with the results. I found that many of the annoying symptoms of my ADHD were greatly reduced, and have remained so. I really want to get the word out that there are alternatives to medication based ADHD treatments. The whole experience of getting treatment was wonderful; it is very relaxing, the office is beautiful, and the staff is super friendly and helpful. I really enjoy going in addition to the benefits of the treatment.




Logan G.


The staff is great and very kind and attentive to your needs no matter if it is the first time or your 20th time coming in. Everyone takes their time explaining every step in the process and answering any questions you might have in great detail. Both doctors especially, take the time to review EEG's and discuss progress and expectations from treatment on a weekly basis. Personally, the treatments benefited my condition after a snowboarding accident where I experienced a grade 3 concussion and brain bleeding. It's not a guessing game in regards to improvement, as the weekly EEG's clearly show whether you are responding to the treatment or not. Definitely recommend.


Chris P.

Dr. Murphy and Dr. D have changed my life! One week of therapy has already improved my mental state. As a firefighter/paramedic, I know this will be able to help many of my peers treat the mental trauma associated with our profession


Ivory S.

I am a 9 year retired NFL veteran that felt like I was slowing down and especially my brain. Forgetfulness, slowed response time in conversations, memory lapses, less alertness, searching for words when talking to people, lack of deep sleep are the symptoms I have been experiencing for several years now. I can tell that it is and will get progressively worse as I grow older.

This was all before I went to Mindset and experienced the remarkable technology that they have to offer! Since receiving treatments at Mindset, I have experienced new found energy, clarity of thought and memory, great deep sleep, and clear general awareness of my circumstances. To put it into words that explain it best, I don’t have what feels like tired brain anymore!! Remarkable.


Greg A.

Since my profession football (USFL/NFL) career ended I have had trouble with sleeping, memory loss and sharp focus! But since I have met Dr. Kevin Murphy and mindset my life has changed with the treatment I have been receiving from mindset! I can honestly say my quality of life has change for the better! I am sleeping better now and my memory & focus has seen major improvement! I want to give a big thanks to mindset and Dr. Murphy for changing my life cheers

Xiomara M.

I am really thankful for Dr Murphy and his staff. I looked everywhere for a place that will treat my 6 years old son, and no one did. Dr Murphy was the only one who showed care and was willing to help us. My son's behavior has noticibly improved. Even his teachers have said that his ability to focus, to read, and to comprehend has improved. He is more calm and loving now, and he asks questions too :). Money comes and goes, but the opportunity he has right now as a child to get treated will not come and go, and I am making sure he takes advantage of it to the fullest!

Clay N.

After suffering from extreme depression, irritability, and other mental health issues from a severe TBI for a year and a half, Mindset prTMS has helped me more than anything. I am so beyond thankful for the staff that mindset and the treatment protocol that has slowly been getting me back to life. When I originally went in I was hardly functioning, but over the course of treatment I have begun to return to work and school. I am not perfect and all of my symptoms are not gone yet, but the prTMS has been the most helpful thing for my TBI and giving me my mental headspace back. I am beginning to move forward in life again. At first I didn’t notice it, but then within a few weeks looking back I was beginning to look at life way more positive and felt much more comfortable with looking at the future and overall my mindset literally just changed and stopped going to the bad thoughts and I just started thinking and feeling better. I would recommend to anyone suffering mood/mental issues post TBI/concussion.

Isaac B.​

Thank God for Dr. Murphy and his staff!
I was introduced to Mindset by a member of the Warrior Foundation Freedom Station. Since my injury in 2011 (IED) I've been diagnosed with TBI, Major depression and PTSD. My treatments started with 30 minute sessions, 5 days a week, for 6 weeks. Each treatment I could notice my symptoms, of the above listed diagnosis, getting better.
My sleep improved significantly, thoughts of suicide turned to hope for the future, and I didn't feel "stuck" from a mental block anymore. Thank you, Dr. Murphy and WFFS, for providing me and other veterans an avenue to heal and improve our quality of mind and life!

Jennifer B.

After only 7 treatments so far, I am experiencing an incredible improvement in my thought processes/organizational skills and also sleep quality. My nighttime driving has also improved dramatically. I am looking forward to more treatments and even greater cognitive enhancement.

Jesse A.

I felt changes almost immediately. Most notably was that I began to experience feelings of happiness and even elation at times. This is after going through several years of depression where it has literally been years since I had the sense of well being that I had previously. I also finally am beginning to feel a push and desire to pursue the activities that I’ve neglected for years because of a strong anhedonia. Thank you Dr. Murphy and Mindset for helping me to reconnect with my healthy self.

Adam E.

Dr. Murphy has made a strong impact on my life. I received a moderate TBI in the Marine Corps. I had difficulty sleeping, light sensitivity, and cognitive impairment. After some rigorous treatment those adversities are nonexistent.​

Alex R.

After the easy to have PeakLogic ComfortScan™ EEG I was speedily given an evaluation and successful treatment program

Aaron S.

Mindset has a very specific course of action to better improve your life of dealing with Depression, TBI, or related PTSD symptoms. They are able to meet the needs and logistical locations for those not close to their clinics with a mobile Van well equipped with PrTMS system! Thanks for all they do.

Chris J.

My experience with the doctors and staff at MindSet was amazing! They couldn’t have been more professional, supportive, and took all the time necessary to answer any and all of my questions. In terms of the treatment, I cannot say enough about how it has improved my life everyday. I haven’t felt like this in over 10 years. My brain is finally starting to fire on all cylinders, I really do feel like my old self.
Thanks Doc, from one old Sailor to another.

Jan N.

I went to Mindset with hopes treat my resistant depression I have had for years and anxiety. I was on several medications for the treatment of both but continued to have cloudy mind and symptoms of both depression and anxiety. I learned by my first EEG that my brain injuries from my past likely contributed to some of my feelings. Dr. Murphy had great confidence in helping with my symptoms. I did treatments twice daily from the end of May until first week of August. My anxiety was the first that I noticed had significantly declined. My depression took longer but I was able to get off all my medications. I needed a couple more weeks of treatment because I had just finished my last Med but short term disability would not approve my time off. I had to return. I am thrilled of how prTMS made a difference in my life and Dr. Murphy and his team were amazing. It has been a year and 2 months and due to some irritability from menopause, I had to start antidepressant again. Still nothing like my “depression “ I had most of my adult life though. Highly recommend PrTMS.

Eduardo R.

I was seeking an answer for my anxiety and depression issues for many years before I was referred to Dr. Murphy. The Mindset team we’re able to help me out and now I am living a very healthy and productive life! Thank you Dr. Murphy for everything you’ve done for me and my family!

Catina H.

Staff are amazing and the therapy is effective. My 21–year—old son who has autism and hasn’t slept well since his regression into autism, is now sleeping better than he has in 20 years. His cognition and speech also continue to improve.

Patrick G.

Dr. Murphy and his staff were always very friendly and helpful. They are very punctual when keep appointment times, and the atmosphere is incredibly comfortable and welcoming from arrival to departure. My sleep and stress levels have both changed for the better over the course of the recommended treatment.

Corinne C.

I learned of PrTMS when my child was suffering from PANDAS. We had tried everything and figure that there was nothing to lose. We flew across the country with our 11 year old who went through 40 treatments. PrTMS saved his life and our family. I can not speak highly enough of PrTMS, Dr. Murphy, and all the staff at Mindset for everything they have done for us. PrTMS has so many possibilities and I am excited to see how it will grow to help even more people in the future.

Edward H.


For many years I had problems sleeping through the night. I would wake 7 - 12 times a night, and even dreaded going to bed because I knew I would be checking the clock every hour or so. I was also having some short term memory loss, thinking it was early onset of dementia. I went through the assessment and Dr. Murphy read my graph. He pointed out all my issues that needed to be addressed. It was as if he had a crystal ball. He did not know me personally, or know what I was experiencing and suffering from, but the graph laid it all out for him.
I really did not think that he could fix this 68 year old guy, but after my third treatment I was sleeping through the night. After just six weeks of treatment, I was feeling like I was the old Ed, full of energy and my short term memory problem was resolved. My personal experience was amazing and I have recommended many of my friends to MindSet. "No pain, All Gain"!

Brian D.

This has been a great decision for me and my brain. :-) I am sleeping better, I am more focused at work and I am surfing like I did 10 years ago.....Wow. Thanks Dr. Murphy and your crew!!

Kenneth J.​

Dr. Murphy has literally changed my life for the better. My quality of life has improved as well as my mental health.

Brian K


As a firefighter, I have experienced some truly impactful events during my career and Dr. Murphy and Dr. D at Mindset helped me with those and now my overall outlook has improved tremendously.  The staff at Mindset are amazing people and very helpful.  I would highly recommend Mindset to anyone suffering from anxiety, depression, and PTSD.  I can't thank Dr. Murphy and dr. D enough for the help they provided to me.

Yvonne P.

So happy to have found MindSet, the staff is so friendly and professional. I have struggled with PTSD for years and was exacerbated by the recent passing of a family member and stresses of work. I was not sleeping, having continual panic attacks with hot flashes, my weight and cholesterol had gone up, and just diagnosed with diabetes, it was time to take my life back! I'm happy to say that with just several weeks of treatment I'm sleeping better, and my anxiety attacks and hot flashes have almost subsided completely! I have walked and bike rode more miles in the last week than I have done in a whole year! I'm eating better and feeling wonderful, so grateful to have come across this personalized treatment!

Lourdes B.

Before I came to see Dr Murphy, I had been suffering with a severe migraine for 4 weeks.

I had tried different types of medication with were completely ineffective.

Within two weeks of starting my treatment, the nausea and the throbbing had subsided; by the third week it had become a very mild headache that continues to lessen every day.

I have also found that through this process I have been able to sleep better, and my sleep schedule has become very regular, therefore I have been able to get rid of lingering tiredness and daily anxiety.

My mood has lifted!

Jenny B.

I've been treating for four weeks and already see a huge improvement in my sleep quality and ability to concentrate. I am looking forward to more improvement. :)

Troy C.

What amazing experience! I had TMS treatment years ago and this is leaps and bounds far better than I could have ever imagined. PrTMS at MindSet, the staff, the facility, Dr. Murphy, every aspect of this facility have inspired hope. I have been in treatment almost 2 weeks now. I am already starting to see the initial results, sleeping better, impulse control, and overall well-being. If you or a loved one are wondering if this is the real deal, I suggest you call the practice, make an appointment and see for yourself. My life feels like it is changing for the positive!


Beth M.

Amazing place with life changing results! Dr. Kevin Murphy and his staff are wonderful. The office is beautiful and they provide a therapeutic environment

"Dr. Murphy, Dr. D and all the wonderful ladies at Mindset changed and saved my life.

These people are the real deal and the technology they utilize is amazing.


Depression, GONE. Anxiety, GONE.


I’ve never been happier and never slept better!



-Kyle H.

"Dr. Murphy, Dr. D and all the wonderful ladies at Mindset changed and saved my life.

These people are the real deal and the technology they utilize is amazing.


Depression, GONE. Anxiety, GONE.


I’ve never been happier and never slept better!



-Kyle H.

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