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The Affects a Pandemic Can Have on Your Mental Health

Apr 20th, 2020 | Autor: Kevin Murphy, MD

In a recent survey, nearly half of the adults said their stress and worry about the COVID-19 pandemic has affected their mental health. Here’s what you need to know about pandemics and mental health, along with some tips to help you stay strong.

Forget the Drugs: Learn About Our All-Natural Approach to Remedying Sleep Disorders. 

Mar 17th, 2020 | Author: Kevin Murphy, MD

An amazing 50-70 million American adults suffer from sleep disorders and for about one-third of adults, the problem is insomnia. Many patients don’t seek treatment because they’re worried about the side effects associated with sleep medications. Or they take sleep medication for a time and then stop when they experience...

How We Effectively Treat PTSD  

Feb 13th, 2020 | Author: Kevin Murphy, MD

If you have PTSD, chances are you’ve had personal experience with conventional treatments like medication and talk therapy. And like many, you’ve probably discovered treatment doesn’t always help. No one ever hears about treatment-resistant PTSD, but it’s a reality that leaves patients depressed and frequently limits their ability to work...

Why Women Are More Prone to Depression. 
Jan 13th, 2020 | Author: Kevin Murphy, MD

The term “gender gap” is often used to describe the stark socioeconomic inequalities between men and women — on average, women earn just 82 cents for every dollar earned by their male counterparts. They also have fewer opportunities for advancement and hold fewer leadership roles in the workplace.  But the...

TMS: The Effective, Drug-Free Way to Manage ADHD That You Haven’t Tried. 

Dec 2nd, 2019 | Author: Kevin Murphy, MD

Your ability to do certain things — like pay attention, stay on task, manage your time, control urges and impulses, wait your turn, interpret social cues, and even learn from your mistakes — are governed by a set of important brain operations referred to as executive functioning skills. As the...

Don’t Suffer With OCD: Learn About Our Groundbreaking Solution. 

Nov 6th, 2019 | Author: Kevin Murphy, MD

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is an anxiety-related mental disorder that affects millions of people across the United States and around the world. For someone with OCD, an ongoing cycle of obsessive thoughts and intrusive urges triggers feelings of distress that can only be eased by performing specific repetitive behaviors, which are...

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